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Bayhill Premier Cup 2022 Day 1 Done and Dusted

It’s been a 2 year wait for the Bayhill Premier Cup to return but it’s finally arrived.

With Day 1 done and dusted the excitement of the event was truly evident with the large crowd in attendance as a sense of normality with local grassroots football action taking place.

The action on the field hasn’t matched the level of excitement yet as nerves and tension for the 1st games of the tournament played a role but the next few days will surely see teams displaying their true potential. Probably the most exciting match of the day was played between Hellenic and JL Zwane on the A. The match ended in a 1-1 draw with JL Zwane having to chase for the equalizer and finding the net late in the second half.

This encounter had the elements which the Bayhill is known for including, skill, intensity, tactics and had the crowd expressing their excitement and enthusiasm for the display on offer.

With the 1st day completed and the participation of the visiting teams starting from day 2, we look forward to more of these type of matches at Erica Park.

Results for Day 1
Blue Downs Spurs 1-2 Wayside Wanderers
Jordan Callies 1-0 Hustlaz Academy
Greenwood Athletic 0-1 FN Rangers
Rebels FC 0-0 Grassy Park United
Bayview FC 0-1 Hanover Park
Hellenic FC 1-1 JL Zwane
Juventus FC 0-0 Ikapa Sporting

The Bayhill Premier Cup is taking place form the 13th – 18 April at Erica Park, Belhar
Entry fee R15 per person & R15 per vehicle. Spectators are allowed and no vaccination card needed

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