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Although The 4th Moment is known for reporting and highlighting Grassroots football in Cape Town, we are also passionate about coaching. Discipline, Trust, Integrity, Accountability and responsibility are our key components of our value system.Our coaching philosophy is a holistic approach. We believe that in order for a player to perform at his/her ultimate, at any level, there needs to be a conducive environment for him/her to express his abilities. This can only happen if the coach influencing the player has a positive impact on the player and his/her life.

As an NPO we intend being a positive influence on coaches in order for them to share their knowledge and experiences with the players they interact with. If you have a coaching initiative you would like us to know about or get involved with, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist where we can.


Submission by @moritzkossman1

Training Idea End to End possession game 5v5+2 Points awarded for combining from one green neutral to the other without losing the ball Players are not restricted to any area within the field but can move freely within it.

If neutral plays directly to the neutral on the other side, the possessing team is awarded 2 points for that. Reason being that the movement of the ball has created space to allow a pass to the furthest player on the ground

The inside of the playing field is divided into something resembling an H in shape by the dotted lines This is used as an orientation for the possessing team to move in relationship

Possible rules here: No more than 2 (3) players in a zone All zones must be occupied

One could allow the neutrals to step into overload in certain moments Another option, depending on what outcomes you want to achieve, would be that the first receiver in the field from the neutral has to take 1 touch if the pass from the neutral doesn’t cross a dotted line


Submission by @moritzkossmann1

Training Idea 6v6 in the 18 yard-box 6 zones Free movement but: Max 3 (2) in a zone in possession Middle must always be occupied by at least 1 in each zone in possession Scoring after a switch of zones = 2 goals (3 touches after switching to finish of the attack)

Submission by @moritzkossmann1

Training Idea 5v3 diamond Positions 1, 2, 3 and N (red) combine to play on the ground to #4 vs 3 blue defenders If red manage to play to #4, #4 must lay the ball off to either 2 or 3 following to score in goal A If blue win the ball they score in goals D with red counterpressing

Submission by @moritzkossmann1

Training Idea 10v10 box width, field divided into 3 thirds Middle third 5v5, def third 2+gk vs 2, att third 2v2+gk Middle third divided into 3 channels which must all be occupied in possession Can dribble or pass into final third and one player may join as well as 1 defender

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